Hulsey Contracting Inc. is dedicated to finding new methods and solutions for our client’s needs. We will continue to improve methods of service and develop equipment that will satisfy the needs of the districts.

To provide a high-quality service that exceeds our client’s current capabilities and expectations.

Our major goals include extending our services to all state and public water providers, building our client/customer base with a close eye on reputation, and providing services that are not now available.

Most importantly conserving our natural resources, with our specialized underwater vacuum we are able to cut the cleaning time down to a minimum.

Hulsey Contracting Inc. meets all regulations and standards required for diving, inspecting and repairing potable water tanks, including but not limited to regulations and standards from OSHA, EPA, CDPHE, AWWA, NFPA and TCEQ.

All dive technicians and equipment that is used in the tank will be fully disinfected prior to accessing the tank in accordance with AWWA Standard C652-11. All entries will be conducted in accordance with applicable OSHA regulations pertaining to diving and confined space; including 1910.401 through1910.441.

Sediment will be thoroughly removed from the floor of each scheduled tank. 


Water Tank Lining


Most interior coating systems for immersion require an SSPC SP 10/NACE No. 2, Near-White Blast Cleaning profiling steel and sspc 6/concrete.

The cleaning and profile will allow the applied coatings system to adhere to the substrate. Delivering you a tight coatings system protecting your tank against corrosion.

Interior coating systems DFT will vary from 12-60 mils typically in a potable water tank.  Selecting the coating system can change the cost due to the elements, pot life, re-coat,  and back in service time. 


like the interior coating system, the exterior can range from $30 per gallon to $1,000 per gallon in certain top coats. The coating system selected will determine the profile needed and if the method of over-coating is an option.

The removal of all visible oil, grease, soil, drawing and cutting compounds and other soluble contaminants from surfaces with solvents or commercial cleaners using various methods of cleaning such as wiping, dipping, steam cleaning or vapor degreasing.